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Tim Nolan, Ed.D., through his work at Highly Effective Schools, offers many services to help your district take its performance to the next level.

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School Leaders Program

Equipping school leaders to meet the needs of today's teachers

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Many schools and districts are struggling to meet the needs of today's workforce, Simply put, teachers want to work in a collaborative, inclusive, and empowering environment where they have a voice and opportunity to help address the challenges they are facing. THE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SCHOOL LEADERS PROGRAM provides a comprehensive and sustained approach to equipping school leaders to achieve exceptional results-with teachers and students.

Teachers want to follow leaders who are consistent, supportive, and demonstrate the values they expect in others.

Teacher commitment and engagement are increased when they are part of cultures where they are appreciated, respected, and supported.

Highly effective school leaders take advantage of opportunities throughout the school year to enhance teacher purpose, passion, and expertise.

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